90 Ball Bingo, How and Where to Play

90 ball bingo90 Ball Bingo is the game we all know and love in the UK. It’s traditional and the game that has always been played in bingo clubs around the Country. Even as a kid if you have ever visited any holiday parks such as Butlins, Haven or perhaps a trip to Blackpool? If you saw bingo being played it was more than likely this 90 ball version.

Although bingo 90 is still extremely popular online it is slowly beginning to take a back seat to its North American cousin we call 75 ball bingo. In my personal opinion 90 ball bingo is better but i am a bit of a traditionalist and stuck in my ways somewhat.

90 Ball bingo is played on ALL online bingo sites. The best sites to play it for big money are Ladbrokes bingo and Costa Bingo. Tombola has plenty of 90 ball games but they take a bit of a back seat due to some unique games they have all for themselves.

90 Ball Bingo Rules

Bingo cards are bought by players, you can buy as many cards as you like for each game. One benefit of playing online is the auto Daub feature which marks your cards for you. You’ll never miss a number called this way and that can only be a good thing.

The 90 ball bingo cards are 9 x 3 as shown in the image, each has random numbers from 1 to 90 printed. In the 1st vertical column are numbers 1 to 9, the second column 10 to 19 and so on. This just makes marking off your card easier and gives players a quick way of looking fr their number as it’s called out.

You have 3 ways to win playing 90 ball bingo

  • 1 Line – Mark off all your numbers on one line horizontally and you win
  • 2 Lines – Mark of 2 complete lines on your card and you win
  • House aka Full house, mark off all the numbers on your card and you’re a winner.

The amount you win obviously depends on the prize pool collected from all the entered players and is low for 1 line, higher for 2 lines and the largest percentage is for the house caller.

it really is that simple and it’s extremely fun. It is very surprising but the winner of the line does NOT go on to win 2 lines or the full house. This makes the game very fair and you should never give up hope of winning.

Best 90 all Bingo Sites Online

For us there is only really one place we would play 90 ball bingo, and that’s Ladbrokes. Here they have a “fair for all” policy in the the room names “bedroom” where there is a maximum placed on the number of cards each player can buy, the cap is set at 12 tickets and they cost 10p each. This gives everyone a much more equal chance no matter how big their budget may be.