75 Ball Bingo, How and Where to Play Online

There is no doubt that bingo is one of the most famous and entertaining games in the World. It’s popularity continues to rise and had done for Decades, because of this new and exciting versions of bingo are added to the best bingo sites to enhance the overall online bingo experience.

One of these games which is hugely popular in North America, and no a stable of the UK bingo scene is 75 ball bingo. This games now widely played across Europe is growing in popularity against it’s more traditional cousin 90 ball bingo. The 75 Ball game offers more chances to win and is very dynamic. It’s no wonder bingo sites are becoming reliable on offering 75 ball bingo to their online customers.

Below we a look at the exciting bingo game. We will showcase 3 of the best online bingo sites that have the best 75 ball games available, including some of the jackpot variety!

Top 3 Places to Play 75 Ball Bingo Online


How to play 75 ball bingo

75 Ball Bingo is typically played on a card containing a grid 5 x 5 with the letter B I N G O printed across the top of the 5 columns, the middle square is blank. A selection of random numbers from 1 to 75 are scattered around the other 24 squares on the card.

The numbers below B go from 1 to 15, below I from 16 to 30, below N are from 31 to 45 and so on. This makes it a little easier to mark your card once you get the hang of it. Online however you can have it done automatically meaning you can play multiple cards with ease.

More often that not the aim is to complete a pattern by marking off your numbers as they are called. The patterns can be numbers, shapes or funny symbols all making this bingo games a little more entertaining for the players. Be the first to mark off that pattern and you’re a bingo winner!

Playing online has some great features such as autodab. The numbers are marked off for you and you can relax, sit back and get ready to be excited as you get closer to the prize. Some sites have the 3 top cards feature (3TG). This shows the top 3 of your cards which require 1, 2, or 3 numbers to complete the pattern.

The sites we have highlighted above all have excellent 75 ball bingo games online, all have this popular variety featuring progressive bingo jackpts too. If you’re loking to play 75 ball bingo online then those are the sites we would highly recommend. Good luck, and see you there.