Paypal Bingo Sites, UK Bingo Sites that Accept Paypal

paypal bingo sitesHere’s our list of great online PayPal bingo sites that accept paypal to deposit and cash out money. Paypal is one of the most popular way for bingo players in the UK to use for bingo banking. It’s fast, safe and secure and keeps everything separate.

The sites below allow you to play real money bingo using paypal and most importantly let you withdraw back to your paypal account. The obvious advantage of this are you can also link your bank account, credit or debit card to paypal and have pretty much instant access to your winnings.

Some people even get the prepaid card that is issued by paypal, this means they can withdraw cash direct from cash machines, or spend it in shops both on and offline.

Best Paypal Bingo Sites

Bingo Site

Paypal is Perfect for Bingo

Many players use paypal for their bingo banking needs and it’s one of the best and most well know ways to pay for anything online. A very established brand and a name we all know and trust. With paypal you know you’re protected from fraud and they use the latest and greatest technology to keep your money safe.

Top 3 reasons why paypal is best for bingo.

1: Keeps your money separate

Because it’s an online wallet you can keep your fun bingo money away from your normal living expenses, helping you budget if needed. Okay so I know bingo is a very cheap game to play online, but we should all only play with what we can afford to lose. Using a paypal bingo site and keeping your money separate is a wise move.

2: Cashing out is faster

Depositing is always instant however often withdrawals back to paypal are much quicker then cashing out to your bank or debit card. Also once you have linked your bank to paypal you can have funds instantly from paypal to your bank account. Withdrawing in this way can save up to 5 days of waiting for your bingo withdrawal to arrive.

Although there are loads of ways to deposit and withdraw to online bingo sites Paypal is a firm favourite with many people and rightly so. It’s easy, fast, safe and very secure so if you don’t have an account perhaps signing up is a good idea?

3: Hide it from Hubby or Wifey

Okay this is a bit tongue in cheek but if you do share a bank with your other half then if you want to keep bingo away from that, then paypal is perfect. You can ein and spend your bingo winnings online happily without making a dent in the shared bank balance!