Is This the UK’s Flirtiest Bingo Site?

flirty bingoWe play bingo for many reasons including winnings money, having fun, chatting the night away, making new friends and yes flirting! It’s not actually that common but as bingo players are roughly 40% men and 60% the fairer sex it does happen.

That statistic might be shocking but 40% of all online bingo players are men and why not?

Here’s the thing i’m working toward. I have played online bingo for more Years than I care to remember, at hundreds of bingo sites for fun and while compiling our list of the best UK bingo sites. One which stood out for many reasons including a great bonus, awesome games, promotions, rewards and all the boring stuff also struck me as being the flirtiest bingo site out there.

The chat is immense fun but there is always double entendres flying around and harmless flirty fun. But I often wondered why from the hundreds of sites out there Ladbrokes was slightly more fun and easy going.

Why is Ladbrokes the Flirtiest Bingo site?

I have a theory about this which may or may not be true. People have found love playing online bingo, and many of use have made great friends. Not not all bingo rooms have an air of first date night about them. Sure it’s harmless fun but the fact it is fun makes our bingo games more fun. That can only be a good thing!

The reason I think Ladbrokes is the most flirtatious of all online bingo sites is simply because it’s a big bookmaker. That means unlike wink and 888ladies a lot of Men use Laddies to bet on horses, the World cup or play the casino, some of these spill over into the bingo rooms. The guys that play bingo here probably weren’t looking to play bingo at all. But because you use one account for everything they probably gave it a try and found out just how much fun bingo can be.

So my theory rightly or wrongly is there is a higher number of male players at Ladbrokes drawn in by betting on football and so on. And when both Men and Women mix we know what happens!

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